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We make it a priority to partner with our clients in helping them consolidate their business via our extensive network of Asian business, culture and practice. Simple, quick-fix solutions are not what we are about. Our commitment is to the long-term, and to providing business solutions and professional services that effectively shape our clients' success.
Asia Now not only does business with its clients, it also realizes the importance of relationship building. After all, that is our core competency. To that end, we take all our relationships seriously, from the initial contact through successful project completion.





The Asia Now group of experienced professionals are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of service to our clients. We understand that our clients expect each consultant to honor the confidentiality of all practices, procedures and information learned during the normal course of doing business with our clients. We fully expect to be held to those expectations. We extend our policy of confidentiality to all our business contacts



Economy in the Asia Pacific region continues to change at a rapid pace. Both multi-national and local companies in the region are ready to capture this large market which offers a great business opportunity, but has many challenges related to differences in language, culture, and business traditions in each local area.

Our experienced professionals leverage knowledge and regional insight to help your business meet the challenges of the new economy successfully, whether they be in China, Japan, Korea or Southeast Asia.

Perhaps what truly distinguishes us is the way in which we relate to people. A significant aspect of our corporate philosophy is the provision of service in a manner that emphasises human contact, so that each of our clients understand that their concerns are of real significance to us.

Furthermore, by blending the best features of Euro-Asian forms of management and cultural values, our team is able to expedite the efficient facilitation of our clients' business needs. We are cultural mediators in the new matrices of global business practice. Fusion management forms the cornerstone of our professionalism.