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Asia Now offers a strategy assistance and consulting service to executives of public or private professional bodies. In accordance with the group or the company's strategy, Asia Now places economic intelligence into the core of innovation and into the core of the project.

Experts in Asia, operating out of Hong Kong, Asia Now is in a position to efficiently advise its clients. As per our corporate identity Asia Now, we emphasize in our strategy the global economical and political changes in the new era of Asia.

The assistance service offered is an active service which works closely with the head of the company and other managerial staff, founded on a working relationship based on trust and mutual knowledge.

By mastering economic intelligence tools and having a perfect knowledge of intervention sectors and its geographical area of responsibility, Asia Now is the flexible tool able to meet the needs of the company with regard to information and to ensure the ongoing success of projects under the best conditions.

Asia Now's client base includes many of the major oil, petrochemical, telecom, IT, infrastructure, construction, defence, powergeneration companies, city councils and related institutions.