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Market survey
Asia Now Market Studies can be carried out for both industrial and consumer products. The studies are tailored to the needs of clients considering entrance to the Asian market or wishing to refine their current Asia strategy.

The most useful forms of Asia Now market studies are:- Market Overviews, Competitor Analysis, Feasibility studies, OEM / Buyer Analysis, Supplier Mapping, Business Environment Analysis.

Thematic / project oriented vigil
This vigil according to subject (sectorial, political, technical, project based, etc.) enables us to give your company a head start in order for you to react, adjust or to detect new courses of action and thus to remain competitive, or to launch your project at the best time.




Any crisis may be a strong destabilising factor for the group or the company. It may unsettle the structure, imperil its image or cause its projects to fail. In every case, a crisis creates a need for information and the establishment of a true strategy.

Anticipated management : an early approach to the crisis seems to be the ideal solution for most companies. Unfortunately most companies have no specialised structure which could help them to anticipate the event. Within the framework of a strategic vigil, Asia Now presents the ideal preparation for crisis scenarios. Asia Now can also place the sensors needed to identify the crisis.

The set up of a crisis center : in case of emergency, Asia Now offers rapid and direct assistance to the company. This is realised by: the possible creation of an emergency set up, direct advice to the managing team, drawing up of a solution.

Within this framework, Asia Now can offer you :information about the surrounding crisis factors, an emergency strategy,
direct assistance from our company's experts, action on the surrounding crisis factors, emergency communication, and
aid in the return to legitimacy



Project / strategic alliance identification assistance
Asia Now with its strong presence in Asia will assist you in identifying priority markets, potential projects, reliable business partners related to your company skills and products.

Participation in the strategy elaboration
Asia Now becomes a direct adviser to your company. Our assistance aids in the perception of your project's surrounding factors and is a support to its establishment in Asia. Our activity enables you to integrate a project into the general Asian framework offering an upward innovatory view on your projects.

Communication plan and implementation assistance
Asia Now can help your company to set-up and implement an efficient communication plan towards Asian media, institutions and state administrations.

Assistance in the setting up of projects
Our network at the highest level, and our expert presence throughout Asia are our main strengths which we rely upon in order to assist you in the set up of projects. We offer you a perfect "business diplomacy" crucial for the successful closing of your projects.



The principal role in every innovation process is information and its exploitation. Only the economic intelligence at the interface of your company and the Asian environment, may allow the possibility of good quality and reliable information within the framework of a decision making process. The assistance in the decision making, involves economic intelligence and counterintelligence consultancy through :

Due diligence / Corporate research
Detailed examination of all relevant information to support a proposed course of action, for example a merger or new partnership, can make the difference between the success or failure of any business venture. Due diligence enquiries are an integral part of business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures. Corporate research is an important tool in many business sectors; access to better business information leads to better, more informed business decisions.

Security system installation assistance
With the intensification of global competition, protecting confidential data remains the most important aspect of any corporate security programme. Asia Now security specialist will assist you, securing properly your environment in Asia.